2018: Thrive – Q1 Recap

Wow, can you believe first quarter is done?! It feels both like the longest and shortest quarter. I feel like the older I get, the more I use the phrase “time is flying by!” and it kind of scares me. But I think I’ve been making the best of it despite my first winter back being the snowiest winter that Michigan has seen in awhile. One thing is for certain, I am tired of being cold. But enough about the weather.

January was a long, long, cold, snowy month. On top of that, work was insane in so many different ways leaving me exhausted on my couch each night, barely keeping my eyes open until 10pm.

February was a welcome relief, and although still snowy, I had a trip to Philadelphia with my BFF which was a welcome break. We had five days to explore the city, see the various sites, eat and drink all the things, and spend time remembering how much fun we have together.

It was also the month that I met someone. And met them organically. As in, sat down at the bar next to me, struck up conversation and exchanged numbers at the end. He invited me to dinner the next week and that was that. But of course, nothing I do is ever the easy route, and he’s no exception. We live two hours apart. Additionally, he lives in Canada, so we’re actually in different countries. Despite nightly phone calls and a few dates, his demanding job eventually got the best of us, and it fizzled to nothing. It was disappointing for sure since I saw some good potential, but he wasn’t in a space to make an effort for me, and I deserve someone who will do that. So, back to my favorite words from Jay-Z: On to the next one.

One of my Seattle friends came to visit at the end of March, and it was such a lovely breath of fresh air. I took a day off of work and showed her around my new city. We had a really wonderful time, and her last night here, as we were sitting at my favorite wine bar, listening to some live jazz, she looked at me and said “you are really happy here, and I’m so happy for you.” I couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across my face as I thanked her, happy that people are able to recognize the change in me from when I was in Seattle. This move, this city, this major life change has really been such an incredible experience, and I slowly find more and more things to love about it.

As for my career, I’m focused on searching for a path that will really feed my soul. I feel like I’m getting close, and that both excites and terrifies me. The more you risk and put yourself out there, the more you have to lose, the further to fall (which is where the terrified part comes into play), but I’ve never been one to back away from a challenge. It’s definitely turning out to be a longer and bigger process than I expected, but I know it will make it worthwhile in the end. The best question that has been posed to me is “How do you want to live?” and to let the answer to that question dictate the way I structure my life. A simple concept, but very complex in articulating, strategizing and executing. I know that’s all very vague, but hopefully I can share more later. Just know it’s a work in progress, but it feels like all the work is moving me in the right direction.

My friendships here are really beginning to flourish. I still have a pretty small group of friends but I find them all incredibly fun, steadfast, mature, trustworthy and deepening every day. The diverse group has been a welcome breath of fresh air and always keeps me on my toes.I should have some pretty fun things to report on for my Q2 update.

I definitely haven’t been writing as much this first quarter, nor have I really devoted much time to it. I need to get better about jotting down ideas or at least starting a post when it comes to mind and just saving the draft to work on later. So often, I start writing something in my head at an inconvenient time and i just figure I’ll write it later, but then it flits right out of my head and when I do sit down to write, my head is blank. By no means do I even consider myself a true writer but I wonder if other writers also have this problem? (If so, send help)

My reading has been going pretty well though. I got a little behind in March, but I’ve picked up the pace a bit and am back on track for my one book a month goal. Maybe I’ll even be able to surpass it!

CrossFit…eh. Moving on.

Self-care has been good. I think I’ve really gotten the hang of doing nice things for myself. I rarely (if ever) feel guilty about it and I just unconsciously do things without having to force myself to. I would that’s a major success.

Where I live has definitely been on my mind. I feel like every time I decide that I want to live in the city, something happens and makes me reconsider the whole house thing again. I know a lot of it has to do with the warmer weather. it happens every year. The sun comes out and all I can think about is BBQ-ing, planting a garden and watching Ginger lay out in the sunshine in a backyard. I’ve been dreaming of a house for so many years and I actually finally live in a place where I can afford one, so I feel like i should just do it. Now, it doesn’t mean I just have a big bag of money laying around to purchase a home, but I should start working towards the goal.

I joined the MOCAD in March and have been in full swing of making the most of my membership. I also bought tickets to several concerts this year, so those will be fun things to look forward to right here in my own city. I went to a drag show in Ann Arbor with friends. I went to an art show all by myself to a place I’d never been and had an incredible conversation. I have intentionally left a lot of space in my life for quiet and solitude, but I have found incredible ways to connect with people.

I guess life just continues to be an adventure. I’m still enjoying the smaller, simpler, more mature world. Doing a lot of adulting things and trying my hardest ot not plan any more big trips for the year. I have a pretty solid routine, and ideas to potentially mess it up. Life is good here in the D.


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