The Labyrinth

*Another post that has been sitting in drafts for a long while.*

It’s so strange to be in a place where I get to just create my life. I get to build it all from scratch and my every day decisions effect each step.

I met a couple through my other friends before Christmas and I have had such an amazing time getting to know them. They’re older than me (as nearly all people are here), but they love to travel, don’t have kids and are interested in art.

After connecting last week over dinner after their vacation, they mentioned that they were going to an exhibit opening at MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit) the next evening and thankfully, I had no plans, so I joined them for the event.

Their friend was running the event and meeting him was so sweet. He just had great energy and a wonderful personality and turned me on to a website that publishes all the exhibit openings across Detroit each month.

The artist that was showing last night was a Portuguese modern artist who builds large-scale installations of everyday materials, like cardboard, tape, glue and paint. For this exhibit, he had no preconceived plans, he waited until he saw the space then took time to visualize and conceptualize the piece and built it. There were no sketches or mock-ups. When I first looked at it, it just looked like a big, circular labyrinth. The cardboard was about three feet high, leaving the whole piece open so you could see everyone walking through it.

I spent time with my friends and their friends, the DJ started playing, and the people-watching was at an all-time high. There were so many handsome men present, there were so many beautiful women, everyone was dressed so amazing and it was just a great space. I finally decided to walk the labyrinth by myself about an hour or so into being there, and as I started, I found myself in a state of anxiety, hoping I was taking the right turns, hoping I didn’t look like an idiot getting stuck at a dead-end. I slowly walked the circle, looking as far ahead as I could see to ensure I took all the right turns, and at one point, I had to change directions completely, which sent my head in a strange direction, feeling like I was backwards but choosing to trust that I knew I was going the right way.

When I finally made it to the center, there were about 5-7 people standing in the center already. Everyone said hi, one guy gave me a high-five for making it. I stood in the center for a few minutes, taking some pics, and just standing in the space thinking about why I was so nervous to make a wrong turn, to look lost.

When I finally left the center and made my way back, I found myself walking faster, walking surer, knowing that I knew the way out and it made me pause. It made me think about how that’s been such a parallel comment to my life. In Seattle, I went at warp speed, knowing my surroundings, my rhythm, my people. Since moving, so much of my life has slowed way down, so much of my life is always in a state of unknowing. The comfort is elusive and the anxiety is nearby all the time.

When the curator spoke about the labyrinth being a spiritual experience, a place to slow down and be present, to allow yourself the time and space to think, I heard him, but I didn’t understand. By the time I exited the art piece, I understood fully. it is truly amazing what art can do to you when you give it the time and space.

That whole experience was one full night, and the art itself was 15 minutes of that night, and yet it left a lasting impact on me that even today I’m sifting through. I’m so grateful that I get to live this life, to experience these moments in time that fulfill me and challenge me in ways that nothing else can.

Last night was enough to inspire me to get out more, to be in spaces that inspire me and challenge me. That was something that was really on my heart when thinking about 2018, that the sole reason I moved here was the art scene, and I’ve done a horrific job of placing myself into it. So, I vowed that I would do more this year and I want to hold myself to that. If I can meet more people in that space then all the better!

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