July: The Month of the Plan!

Hi, hello, it’s birthday month!!! More specifically, MY BIRTHDAY! I’ve always been a big fan of my birthday, unlike some people who try to tell as few people as possible, I try and tell everyone. Well, kind of. I’m not obnoxious about it, but for those I love and trust, yeah, they know. Surprisingly, the older I get, the more I enjoy celebrating my birthday, even if it’s just with one person or myself. It’s a whole day for me and a day to reflect on another year lived and memories made.

There have been a lot of unknowns this year, but also a lot of possibilities happening. It’s hard because I can’t really talk write about it all right now, but hopefully soon. Regardless, I have a lot of things in flux right now and as people know, I don’t do well with waiting. I’m a girl of action, of taking risks, of charging forward until I get somewhere. I’m pretty tenacious and I am extremely proud of that.

So, as June closed out, I found myself realizing that Q2 was over, and in re-writing my whiteboard for July, I saw that I had a lot of really great things happening this month. That gave me hope that by the end of July, there would be a plan, some definitive answers on a lot of the questions that have been swimming around up in my brain.

At some point in June, on a phone call with my bestie, drinking wine, we were lamenting over the positions we were in and laughing about how we somehow, always seem to do things at the same time, so we both agreed that July would be the month of making the plan, getting some answers, finding the next direction and moving towards it. It felt good, no great. It felt fucking great to put that out into the universe. And it got me thinking that if I was going to put “it” out there for a couple specific areas of my life, I should do it for all of them.

I’ve wanted to move out of my apartment since the winter. I’m really tired of shared spaces, of parking a block away, of trying to carry groceries up 3 flights of stairs, and Ginger is really having issues with the stairs as well. The area is also loud and filled with young, 20-something’s on the weekends, and I just want my own, quiet space. So, I’m finally exploring the possibility of buying a house. And not just in the “let me look at Zillow” way, but in the actual talk to a realtor, talk to a lender way. It’s scary, but it feels kind of right.

I’m also trying to find a doctor because I’ve been putting that off as well, and just need to get it done. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that you need really great primary care. So I have an appointment set, and even though it’s not technically in July, I made the appointment in July so that counts!

The art…..OH THE ART! Guys. Sigh. Let me collect myself here. Ok, I’m ready. This month, I will start my first volunteer position with an art museum here in Detroit. I will be on one of their steering committees that helps with fundraising, planning events and outings, and in general being a supporter and young collector. I am beyond thrilled that I was asked to be a part of this and cannot wait to get started!

In addition to that, I was invited to a party by an art gallery owner that she is throwing at her house with various artists, clients and collectors and of course I said “HELL YES!”. I am really looking forward to the event, to meeting new people (maybe there will be single, male artists there! 😉 ) and just generally continuing to expand my world. You really never know what can happen!

Finally, during birthday week, I have the steering committee meeting (listed above), a fancy fundraiser dinner in an art gallery on my birthday where we’ll wine and dine with the gallery owners, the artist on display and various other supporters, and then the next day will kick-off the first ever Detroit Art Week. I took the day after my birthday off as a way of just really allowing myself the space and time to let everything sink in around this month.

I feel like July is the month I’m throwing all my darts at the board at once and seeing what sticks in the end. Ironically, it’s very reminiscent of what I was doing in Seattle before moving. Thankfully, in this scenario, I’m looking for options that ground me further here in Detroit and into my passions, versus taking me away from them.

We’re ten days into the month today and already July has proven to be quite the interesting ride. One day, I’ll spill all the tea, but for now, I’ve given enough as a taste and more will come once the Month of the Plan closes!

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