2018: Thrive – Q2 Recap

Good God, I have to stop procrastinating these posts! This is a short-and-sweet recap that I had started back in June/July, so I’m just going to post as-is, and move on.

Here we are again, once more trying to find words to explain what has been happening in life over the past three months.

One thing I have started doing is keeping a calendar on my room partition (that acts like a whiteboard), mostly to help me track what kinds of experiences and people I’m sharing my time with in these first years. I take a picture at the end of each month, and will be posting them with my recap posts.

Well, I haven’t gone offsite for writing yet. Maybe that will be a fall thing.

My book reading has been lacking. (library who?)

Crossfit. Man, I’m really not doing too well in this recap

Developing friendships – YES! I’m doing a GREAT job with that!

Self-care also winning! Found a new hair stylist

Relationship – interesting twists and turns

Career – still WIP

Travel – didn’t go anywhere

Debt – excellent restructuring, bought a car

Housing – nada

I can really see the picture in my mind of the life I’m building here, and it makes me really happy.


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