2018: Thrive – Q3 Recap

Ah, here we are again. Q3 was a big one, so I sure as hell hope that I can remember everything that happened.

Develop well / peaceful existence:
– Carving out time for writing/reading

  • I’ve still been reading but it’s been slow which is fine. I continue to add books to my “to read” list, and I know once winter hits, cozy nights in my fleece robe with hot tea and a book will be the ticket.
  • I don’t think I posted much on this blog via Q3 but that was mostly due to me just being in my head about a lot of things. And one thing I’ve learned is that you don’t want to put things on the internet until you’re really ready for the whole world to know.

– Crossfit

  • When I seriously started looking for a house to buy, I made the decision to cancel my CrossFit membership. It’s really expensive and I wasn’t utilizing it, and thus, the accountant in me knew I needed to let it go.
  • I don’t really know what my new fitness routine will be, but I’m hoping to figure something out by the end of the year. I’m not putting a lot of pressure on myself right now since I’m still settling into the house.

– Meet-up’s / Relationships

  • I’m still consistently going to art events, dinners with friends, and even venturing out on my own so I feel good about how relationships are progressing
  • I made a really great connection early this year with a gallery owner, and I was lucky enough to be invited to a BBQ at her lake house this summer.
  • I saw Jay-Z and Beyonce with my neighbor and had an incredible time
  • I’ve attending an Artist Studio visit
  • I went out to Eastern Market to watch some of the Murals in the Market painting again this year.
  • I attended TEDxDetroit and was wholistically inspired to begin dreaming again.
  • I found out I was going to be an Auntie again this summer from a dear friend

– Self-Care

  • Self-care took a bit of a hit towards the end of Q3 mostly because I was focused on the house, but it was OK. I leaned into my core friendships a lot and let them love me from afar.
  • At the start of this year, I said that I wanted to learn more about PTSD and I haven’t done that yet, but it has been become evident that I do need to find someone to talk to about some experiences I’ve had that are really prohibiting me from being the greatest version of me.
  • I celebrated my birthday in an incredible way this year with an interchange dinner through the Museum of Contemporary Art of Detroit. The dinner was at a gallery with the artist present.

Flourish / Calling out what I really want

– Relationship

  • Well….definitely nothing to report here. I’ve dated, and I’ve definitely put myself in a lot of situations to meet people, but haven’t found anyone that I’m really interested in or anyone who is really interested in me. I’m back to vowing to never return to online dating again, so I’m only relying on in-person interactions. It’s been interesting though because I’ve felt in the core of me that there is a systematic flow to when my next relationship while happen, and if I’m right, there are a couple other things in the way right now. But, I’m still holding out hope that there’s someone out there for me.

– Career

  • I was fortunate enough to find a steering committee volunteer opportunity at one of the museums in Detroit, so I am now doing that as a way to get involved in something I’m passionate about and believe in.

– Travel

  • There was no travel in Q3, but definitely a lot of looking forward to upcoming travel in Q4
  • My mom did come to visit me for a weekend in my new house, so that was a lot of fun. Hopefully, those kinds of weekends will happen more often now.

– Debt

  • Continuing to pay things down at a good rate and while buying the house made an impact, it didn’t derail the plan, so I’m really thankful for that.

– Housing

  • Obviously, this was the most significant situation that changed in Q3 as I bought my house and moved in. There is still a lot to do in terms of getting everything set up and learning about the ins-and-outs of owning a home, but it’s truly exciting and a special experience to know that I, a single woman, own my own piece of property. It’s exhilarating and makes me feel powerful.
  • A fun thing that has come out of living in my house is the joy I’ve found in cooking again. I’ve never been one who loved to cook all the time, and I still don’t come home every night from work wanting to spend hours in the kitchen, but some nights and during the weekends, I’ve found a lot of happiness creating yummy meals on my new appliances, with a special cookbook that was a house-warming present.
  • I’ve also enjoyed the quiet a lot. Sometimes it gets to be too much, or the pitch-black darkness in my backyard can get a little spooky, but overall, it’s been the cathartic release I’ve needed from the chaos of other things going on in my world.

The sentence I wrote at the beginning of this year, is that what I wanted most was to be more rooted by the end of the year, and I know for sure that I have accomplished that. While 2017 felt like a year of jumping off cliffs, 2018 has felt like a year of building. Don’t get me wrong, it was a tough year. There were a lot of moments where I wasn’t sure I could go on, where I wanted to just give up. But I could feel the foundation growing, I could tell that good things were going to come out of the hard work (even if that hard work was more mental and emotional than anything else).

The end of September brought some interesting questions and changes that led into 4th Quarter, so you will hear about those things later.

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