The circular effect of good habits

A couple months ago, I came back from a big international trip and panicked because I didn’t have any other trips planned until November. So, to compensate, I booked three weekend trips for October. Whoops. I’m now two trips in, and while I have had great times, I am half-way regretting my decisions. Mostly because I now won’t have a full weekend off/at home until … Continue reading The circular effect of good habits

The never ending straw that broke my back

I am so tired of dealing with rejection. Even just typing out the word exhausts me. I consider myself to be a very resilient person, someone who has overcome many odds. But, facing rejection for months on end has proven to break me down in ways that I can’t even articulate anymore. I have been stuck in an unhappy place for months, not all day, … Continue reading The never ending straw that broke my back

My relationship with….me

This post has been brewing around in my mind for the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t had the guts to really sit down and try and sort through it in writing. My relationship with myself has been a very long, very tumultuous road. And I don’t think I’m even half-way through. But when I pause and look back, I can see growth and … Continue reading My relationship with….me

Writer’s block

For the past several months, I’ve sat down at various times and pulled out the laptop, opened up my site and stared at a blank page for an hour, then meandered on to other social media in an effort to ignore the block in my head. I hate writer’s block. Mostly because my head will feel full (don’t laugh) and yet I can’t get anything out leaving … Continue reading Writer’s block

The world around me

I think I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve started watching documentaries. But, I’m not sure I’ve explained the full addiction that I am now in. It’s…….well, I won’t say it’s bad because I’m learning a crap-ton, but it has definitely taken up a good amount of hours in my life over the past couple of months since I started. I’ve watched roughly 40 different documentaries, not … Continue reading The world around me