Agility Class #2

We had our second agility class on Saturday and boy did we work the dogs’ brains! We practiced the A-frame about 8-10 times in a row to really re-enforce the technique. We also started incorporating stopping at the end of the ramp instead of just running off of it. Ginger was a pro (of course) and by the last few times, I didn’t even really … Continue reading Agility Class #2

Mikey and Jenny

As an introduction to being a case manager for SGA, I was given two dogs to start with: Mikey and Jenny. Both of these gorgeous pups are still located in California, so I have no way of meeting with them and getting to know their personalities yet. I’m crossing my fingers that after the holidays, more people will be able to foster and that Jenny … Continue reading Mikey and Jenny

Saving Great Animals

A couple weeks ago, I posted about wanting to get involved with a dog rescue organization. I was set to meet with the director but I never posted a follow-up to that. Well, that’s because our meeting was canceled due to an emergency, then it was postponed due to the holidays and all that busyness. Well, last night, we were able to meet and I … Continue reading Saving Great Animals

Rescue Me

Since rescuing Ginger, my world has changed a lot. She has given me so much joy and filled a large space in my heart. But, rescuing her has also opened my eyes to something much bigger. I have always had a soft-spot in my heart for animals, and always thought rescuing was a good idea, but since going through the process of looking for a … Continue reading Rescue Me