The Struggle of Life and Death

I’m no stranger to death. I’ve lost people and pets alike throughout my life, taking both incredibly hard and grieving with pain in my soul. I knew that I adopted a pet, that I would most likely outlive it. I know the lifespan of dogs, especially bigger dogs, and especially especially older dogs. I knew this going in. It still doesn’t change the incredible pain … Continue reading The Struggle of Life and Death

It’s only been 5 months….? (Part 1)

Hey world, it’s me again. Geez, I know, I know, where the hell have I been? Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin (everyone says that, right?). Let’s take it all the way back to post-Whole30 from last year, and I’ll try and be as brief as possible. Winter is always a really challenging time for me mostly due to the holidays. It’s generally … Continue reading It’s only been 5 months….? (Part 1)

Agility Class #2

We had our second agility class on Saturday and boy did we work the dogs’ brains! We practiced the A-frame about 8-10 times in a row to really re-enforce the technique. We also started incorporating stopping at the end of the ramp instead of just running off of it. Ginger was a pro (of course) and by the last few times, I didn’t even really … Continue reading Agility Class #2

Happy Anniversary

Ginger and I celebrated our one year anniversary this past Thursday, complete with doggie cake and dog park time. It’s weird for me to think that I’ve only had her for 365 days when I can’t even really remember life before her. Watching her get so excited when I come home each day makes me love her that much more each day. Clearly, she wasn’t … Continue reading Happy Anniversary

Finding Joy

Joy has been found! After 10 days of roaming/running the streets of Seattle, scared, hungry, tired and wet, Seattle Animal Shelter received a call from a family who had Joy in their backyard. The officer was able to catch her and recognize her from the gazillion posters that had been placed around the area and her Facebook page. I had the pleasure of speaking with … Continue reading Finding Joy