Saving Great Animals

A couple weeks ago, I posted about wanting to get involved with a dog rescue organization. I was set to meet with the director but I never posted a follow-up to that. Well, that’s because our meeting was canceled due to an emergency, then it was postponed due to the holidays and all that busyness. Well, last night, we were able to meet and I … Continue reading Saving Great Animals

Rescue Me

Since rescuing Ginger, my world has changed a lot. She has given me so much joy and filled a large space in my heart. But, rescuing her has also opened my eyes to something much bigger. I have always had a soft-spot in my heart for animals, and always thought rescuing was a good idea, but since going through the process of looking for a … Continue reading Rescue Me

Obedience: Fourth class

Sunday’s class was one of the best performances from Ginger. She did excellent controlled walking with me, excellent sit-stays and excellent recall work. While she was full of energy and had a problem sitting still at our chair, she really stepped it up when I needed her to. We only have one more class to go and then we are finished with basic obedience! While … Continue reading Obedience: Fourth class