2017 in pics

I was going to intersperse pictures throughout my 2017 recap post, but I thought it would be better to just keep it separate. This doesn’t even begin to capture everything, but I had to stop somewhere or there would be a thousand images in here. I’m currently trying to reorganize all my photos so these aren’t in chronological order. *shrug* Enjoy a visual look at … Continue reading 2017 in pics

Writer’s block

For the past several months, I’ve sat down at various times and pulled out the laptop, opened up my site and stared at a blank page for an hour, then meandered on to other social media in an effort to ignore the block in my head. I hate writer’s block. Mostly because my head will feel full (don’t laugh) and yet I can’t get anything out leaving … Continue reading Writer’s block

It’s only been 5 months….? (Part 1)

Hey world, it’s me again. Geez, I know, I know, where the hell have I been? Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin (everyone says that, right?). Let’s take it all the way back to post-Whole30 from last year, and I’ll try and be as brief as possible. Winter is always a really challenging time for me mostly due to the holidays. It’s generally … Continue reading It’s only been 5 months….? (Part 1)

Weekend Freedom

Waking up on Saturday was glorious! It was the first taste of freedom! And the way I chose to celebrate was with paleo banana pancakes and bacon! If this is what eating paleo is like, I’m going to be just fine! The rest of Saturday, I allowed myself some freedom to enjoy some fair food. I tried to make better choices if I could (I … Continue reading Weekend Freedom

Whole30 day 25

Today was a lazy day. Nothing too spectacular in the food department, mostly a lot of eggs. Ginger and I went across the lake to the Mercer Slough to meet up with a couple friends this evening and walk around. It was a nice evening for a walk, but being there was difficult as the last time I was there was with my ex. It’s … Continue reading Whole30 day 25

Whole30 days 17 & 18

Yesterday and today have been about the same and since I forgot to post last night, I figured I would just combine them. Both days I’ve woken up with a clear head, although, admittedly, I’ve pretty much forced myself to go back to sleep for extra hours when I could have (should have?) gotten up. Oh well, it’s a holiday weekend, so I may as … Continue reading Whole30 days 17 & 18