It’s only been 5 months….? (Part 1)

Hey world, it’s me again. Geez, I know, I know, where the hell have I been? Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin (everyone says that, right?). Let’s take it all the way back to post-Whole30 from last year, and I’ll try and be as brief as possible. Winter is always a really challenging time for me mostly due to the holidays. It’s generally … Continue reading It’s only been 5 months….? (Part 1)

Weekends are meant for friends

I had a very full, very fun, very tiring weekend which always makes me happy. Friday was dinner and drinks with a couple of friends; Saturday was CrossFit then a 10 mile hike, ending with the Fremont Outdoor Movies; Sunday was recovering from CrossFit and 10 mile hike, watching the USA vs Panama game, and ending with cheering on my beloved Sounders to a victory. … Continue reading Weekends are meant for friends

Rattlesnake Ledge (Version 2.0)

Yesterday, I did a pretty intense workout in the morning which meant the rest of the day I just puttered around the house and took it a little easy. By the afternoon, I was bored and texted a friend to hang out. She came over and we had Mojitos on the deck with some snacks, then I grilled dinner for us and we watched American … Continue reading Rattlesnake Ledge (Version 2.0)

Mount Washington – Mosquito Hell

OK, so I use the Washington Trails Association website a lot to research my hikes and I read the latest reviews to see how the conditions were. When people commented that there were “bugs on the trail”, that was the BIGGEST understatement of the year! But, let me start at the beginning…. We decided to start this hike earlier than usual due to a heat … Continue reading Mount Washington – Mosquito Hell

Frisbee and Bocce and Tennis, oh my!

This week has been all about sports! I hung out with friends on Monday and we played Frisbee and Bocce Ball. A couple of them slack-lined, and then we spent some time lying in the shade and chatting. Tuesday, BFF and I played tennis for 45 minutes, and tonight four of us got together to practice our mad Frisbee skills. I have had the best … Continue reading Frisbee and Bocce and Tennis, oh my!

Goat Lake

Per a fellow blogger’s suggestion (, I grabbed a couple of my girlfriends and  headed Northeast for Goat Lake. After the horrifying experience with Lake Serene, I definitely wanted something easier, so 10 miles with 1400 ft elevation seemed like just that. The hike started off at a nice, light and steady incline up the mountain. Lots of beautiful growth, and these gorgeous white trees. … Continue reading Goat Lake

Lake Serene = worst hike ever

My third hike of 2013 took us to Lake Serene off of US 2. I’ve heard of this hike by a few people, and I knew that it would be a hell of a workout, but I was ready. Going weeks without hiking had me jumping in anticipation. Before I get too far into the hike, I feel as though I should share that I … Continue reading Lake Serene = worst hike ever