Whole30 days 28 & 29

Guys, I’m going to be real blunt with you right now: I need this f#cking program to be done. Finished. Over. Around lunchtime yesterday (day 28), I made my lunch and my stomach decided to stage a coup against me. Since then, it’s been doing flip-flops on me. Nothing (that I can eat) sounds good to me, and even just the thought of certain foods … Continue reading Whole30 days 28 & 29

WOD 9/9 & Whole30 Day26

I wasn’t really in the mood to eat anything I had yesterday, so I just kind of forced myself to eat even though I didn’t enjoy it. Have I mentioned that I’m really ready for this program to be done? Cause I definitely am! Pursuit: 15 mins A1)Seated 1A Press; 5R/L (20lb DB’s) A2)Perfect PushUps; 10 reps Conditioning: For Time: 100 DU ((500 M Run)) … Continue reading WOD 9/9 & Whole30 Day26

Whole30 day 25

Today was a lazy day. Nothing too spectacular in the food department, mostly a lot of eggs. Ginger and I went across the lake to the Mercer Slough to meet up with a couple friends this evening and walk around. It was a nice evening for a walk, but being there was difficult as the last time I was there was with my ex. It’s … Continue reading Whole30 day 25

WOD 9/6 & Whole30 day 23

Oh boy, we’re getting close! I can smell the red wine from here!!!! (Seriously guys, that will be my first jump back into the “real” world. I don’t care about pasta or cookies…I want my wine!) I forgot to take pics of my food today. I can definitely tell I’m nearing the end as I’m not nearly as motivated to record every step I make. … Continue reading WOD 9/6 & Whole30 day 23

Whole30 day 22

Bullet-point form today: I fed a $12 NY Strip steak to my dog tonight. Why? Because apparently, when you buy your meat from a butcher, you need to cook it within one day or it oxidizes and becomes like leather. *sigh* I’m kind of pissed today because part of this Whole30 thing is supposed to give me flawless skin and yet, I have two zits. … Continue reading Whole30 day 22

WOD 9/4 & Whole30 day 21

I’m still having food cravings, which I was hoping would be gone right now, but I guess since I’ve been eating the same way for 31 years, I can’t expect them to all go away within 21 days. Again, leftovers all day. Pursuit & Performance: 20 mins: A1) Deadlift – 5 rep T’nG practice A2) Double Under practice: UNBROKEN set work: 5,10,15,20,15,10,5 – Pause b/t … Continue reading WOD 9/4 & Whole30 day 21

WOD 9/3 & Whole30 day 20

I’m behind in my posts! Day 20 didn’t have anything spectacular in it. I’m eating lots of leftovers, courtesy of all my cooking prep from last weekend. 20 mins: Pursuit: A1) Front Squat – 3,3,3,3,3,3,3 A2)  AB Wheel K2E  sets of 15 Conditioning: Tabata: Up Downs Ring Rows Score = 106 Taking three days off in a row was a baaaad idea! I was exhausted … Continue reading WOD 9/3 & Whole30 day 20

Whole30 days 17 & 18

Yesterday and today have been about the same and since I forgot to post last night, I figured I would just combine them. Both days I’ve woken up with a clear head, although, admittedly, I’ve pretty much forced myself to go back to sleep for extra hours when I could have (should have?) gotten up. Oh well, it’s a holiday weekend, so I may as … Continue reading Whole30 days 17 & 18

WOD 8/30 & Whole30 day 16

Today was a great day! I woke up with the clearest mind, eyes wide open, and absolutely no need for coffee. It was crazy weird. Then, I got to work and found an email waiting for me that said I could leave at 1pm and get a jump start on my holiday weekend. Score! Breakfast was a hard-boiled egg and some leftover baked, sweet potato … Continue reading WOD 8/30 & Whole30 day 16