The never ending straw that broke my back

I am so tired of dealing with rejection. Even just typing out the word exhausts me. I consider myself to be a very resilient person, someone who has overcome many odds. But, facing rejection for months on end has proven to break me down in ways that I can’t even articulate anymore. I have been stuck in an unhappy place for months, not all day, … Continue reading The never ending straw that broke my back

Sometimes I take to writing

There are just days when everything in my head is too much and I can’t really get words out of my mouth that make sense I’m an extremely emotional person I feel more than anything else Sometimes those feelings don’t translate to logical phrases There are just…..singular words associated with an intrinsic notion Most times, people don’t understand They can’t logically explain But they can … Continue reading Sometimes I take to writing

People vs. Dogs = Dogs win

I have discovered why people sometimes ditch having relationships with people and just stick with animals. People are……complicated! There are a million different explanations for that statement, but suffice it say that this weekend, I have had my fill with difficult people. However, despite those circumstances, I have also had a couple of amazing times developing deeper friendships with people that I may not have … Continue reading People vs. Dogs = Dogs win