2015 The Experience – Q4 Recap

Oh, 2015 you were just a doll. I know it was a really rough year for a lot of people, and I’m not gonna sit here and say that my year was free of it’s own issues. But for the most part, the year treated me well and taught me so, so much about myself and the world around  me. Q4 kicked off with my … Continue reading 2015 The Experience – Q4 Recap

2016 – Explore

I can’t believe I’m already thinking about next year! I am SO on top of it! Well, not really. With my luck (and procrastination skills), this post probably won’t be up until June 2016. (note: I started this post in October 2015) The realization that I was in the 4th quarter of 2015 though shocked me. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone … Continue reading 2016 – Explore

2015 The Experience – Q2 Recap

It’s hard to believe that we’re more than halfway through this year. It sure doesn’t feel like 7 months ago I was trying to decide how I would approach 2015. Man, I don’t even know if I can encompass everything that this quarter has contained. But, I have to try. I’ll start with travel, as three out of my five trips for the year happened … Continue reading 2015 The Experience – Q2 Recap

So, I cut my hair (and other random things)

Per usual, I’ve fallen off the face of the earth cyberland the past few months. Where to even start? I’ll start with the big news of cutting my hair. I’ve been letting it grow out since chemo and because of that, I haven’t wanted to chop it off because, well frankly, that’s the first hair that grew back after that awful summer. It was a … Continue reading So, I cut my hair (and other random things)

2015 The Experience – Q1 Recap

I can’t believe first quarter is over and it’s time for me to take a breath and think back on what I did the past three months. As a refresher, my focus this year is concentrated on four main areas: Writing, Traveling, Dancing, and Music. Of course I’m also trying to grow and develop in other areas of my life as well, but those are … Continue reading 2015 The Experience – Q1 Recap

2015 – The Experience

I can’t believe it’s 2015 and that I’m so late with this post. I can’t believe that we just closed another year. I can’t believe who and where I am these days. I can’t believe the changes that have been made, the struggles I’ve fought through, the awesome experiences I’ve had, and the difficult choices I’ve made to let things go. As I look ahead … Continue reading 2015 – The Experience

Whole30 day 22

Bullet-point form today: I fed a $12 NY Strip steak to my dog tonight. Why? Because apparently, when you buy your meat from a butcher, you need to cook it within one day or it oxidizes and becomes like leather. *sigh* I’m kind of pissed today because part of this Whole30 thing is supposed to give me flawless skin and yet, I have two zits. … Continue reading Whole30 day 22

The Cheese Stands Alone – Whole30 Day 7

Well, I started Whole30 with a few people committed to doing it with me. At one week in, I’m now officially doing it alone. *sigh* I was really excited to have people on board with me, to encourage me, to understand the things I was going through over the weeks, and to be able to celebrate at the end of it an achievement well-earned. I … Continue reading The Cheese Stands Alone – Whole30 Day 7