The Cheese Stands Alone – Whole30 Day 7

Well, I started Whole30 with a few people committed to doing it with me. At one week in, I’m now officially doing it alone. *sigh* I was really excited to have people on board with me, to encourage me, to understand the things I was going through over the weeks, and to be able to celebrate at the end of it an achievement well-earned. I … Continue reading The Cheese Stands Alone – Whole30 Day 7

Spring vacations!!!

My next round of travels has officially been planned and I AM STOKED!!!! In April, I’m taking a much-needed long weekend get-a-way to one of the nearby islands to hang out in a hot tub, cook amazing food, watch nature, walk on the beach, do some hiking and just enjoy company and my pup. I cannot wait!! We have this amazingly cute little house reserved … Continue reading Spring vacations!!!


Among other things I’ve been doing and pondering over the past couple of months or so, I managed to sneak away to L.A. for a weekend. Our weekend in L.A. was super, duper freaking amazing. I’m not going to say it was so great ALL because of my amazing research and color-coded spreadsheet, but I think it made a very big difference. 🙂 On our … Continue reading L.A.