Whole30 day 22

Bullet-point form today: I fed a $12 NY Strip steak to my dog tonight. Why? Because apparently, when you buy your meat from a butcher, you need to cook it within one day or it oxidizes and becomes like leather. *sigh* I’m kind of pissed today because part of this Whole30 thing is supposed to give me flawless skin and yet, I have two zits. … Continue reading Whole30 day 22

Whole30 days 17 & 18

Yesterday and today have been about the same and since I forgot to post last night, I figured I would just combine them. Both days I’ve woken up with a clear head, although, admittedly, I’ve pretty much forced myself to go back to sleep for extra hours when I could have (should have?) gotten up. Oh well, it’s a holiday weekend, so I may as … Continue reading Whole30 days 17 & 18

The Cheese Stands Alone – Whole30 Day 7

Well, I started Whole30 with a few people committed to doing it with me. At one week in, I’m now officially doing it alone. *sigh* I was really excited to have people on board with me, to encourage me, to understand the things I was going through over the weeks, and to be able to celebrate at the end of it an achievement well-earned. I … Continue reading The Cheese Stands Alone – Whole30 Day 7

What happens in Vegas…..

…..ends up in my blog. Just kidding! Well, I’ll give some highlights, but no one gets all the details of what three lovely ladies experience in Sin City. Yeah…that was AM. It was quite an early start to get to our vacation. A little sleepy, but we arrived!! And as soon as we made it to the hotel and ate “lunch” (at 10:30AM), this is … Continue reading What happens in Vegas…..

Vegas is coming!!

My two best friends and I are heading to the crazy city of Vegas in less than a month and I am absolutely stoked! It will be my third visit there, and hopefully the best. The first two had not-so-great experiences, so I’m crossing my fingers for an absolutely epic time. The highlight of the trip will be seeing Elton John perform. I have been … Continue reading Vegas is coming!!