Celebrating consistency 

When I go back and read through posts about my workout routines and dieting, I see a girl struggling so hard to find some sort of balance in life and love of her body. I can sense the excitement and hope in early posts, the plans for shopping for size 6 jeans, and every man’s head turning when she walks in the room. I can … Continue reading Celebrating consistency 

The appearance 

Carving out time to write seems like it should be easy in my new world, but for some reason, I still don’t do it. Not because I don’t have the time, but I just don’t make the time. Why? Eh, probably avoidance, but we’ll see what we can do. Anyways, on to better topics. As a catch-up, I finally feel like the dust around me … Continue reading The appearance 

So, I joined a gym….again……again

I know, I know. Again?! Hey, gotta keep trying until you find something that fits, right? Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane, shall we? Joined my first CrossFit gym in 2012 when I was done with treatments and in remission. I loved the workouts but really disliked the community and trainers. #fail Joined my second CrossFit gym in 2013 when I was ready … Continue reading So, I joined a gym….again……again

WOD 9/6 & Whole30 day 23

Oh boy, we’re getting close! I can smell the red wine from here!!!! (Seriously guys, that will be my first jump back into the “real” world. I don’t care about pasta or cookies…I want my wine!) I forgot to take pics of my food today. I can definitely tell I’m nearing the end as I’m not nearly as motivated to record every step I make. … Continue reading WOD 9/6 & Whole30 day 23

WOD 8/15 + Whole30 Day 1

Where to begin? I’ll start with food since it’s more fun! All in all, I would say day 1 wasn’t too bad. I started getting a dull headache around 11AM and it hasn’t gone away yet, so I assume it’s probably sugar withdrawals, but other than that, no issues. I may have to change my route to the bathroom as the woman in the office … Continue reading WOD 8/15 + Whole30 Day 1