2017: Create & Persist Recap

Another year has come and gone. I’m officially in my mid-30’s now, and kind of feeling like I’m finally hitting my stride in life. Kind of. Maybe. *insert shrugging emoji* But in all seriousness, 2017 was a crazy year and I’m pretty damn proud of myself for what I was able to accomplish despite the crazy ups-and-downs and how unhappy I was for the first … Continue reading 2017: Create & Persist Recap

Human shaming – Enough is enough

I’ve been thinking a lot, reading about, recognizing quite a bit of shaming that goes on in our world, and I just fucking hate it. (Whoops, sorry guys. There’s no way I’ll make it through this post without profanity) We shame people for everything. Every. Fucking. Thing. Their weight, their body shape, their hair, their skin, their voice, their breasts, their butts, their thighs, their … Continue reading Human shaming – Enough is enough

Writing their story

I sit as a fly on the wall Watching, perusing, decoding subliminal messages Men stand along the perimeter, unsure Women move among themselves, throwing off inhibitions with drinks and friends But as I watch, one man walks into the crowd and turns a full circle slowly Until his eyes come to rest on the one who captivates himHe extends his hand smoothly, inviting her into … Continue reading Writing their story